Professional Services

Professional Services are powered by our highly certified technical experts. They provide end to end consulting, compliance, assessment, audit, design, and implementation services across Networking, Security and Storage domains.

We also cater holistically to customer needs from Consulting to Compliance through Auditing, Assessment to Design of New architecture, Implementation in a complex heterogeneous environment to Empowerment for getting the most out of technology investments.

Our experts can help you solve following riddles pertaining to your organization’s technology needs:

1. Wasting time and money in blindly-patching your servers?

Network Security Audit can help you identify the necessary patches for your servers to meet your project schedule and business objectives.

2. Struggling to get an accurate view of your Wired & Wireless Network? Facing difficulty in getting a view of your Wired & Wireless Network?

Our Network Security Solutions can find all the computers, routers and other networking devices which are connected to the network.

3. Multiple security policies across multiple network devices?

Network Security Audit allows you to control all the current configurations and patches, regardless of device type.

4. Looking for IT security process efficiencies?

Network Security Audit provides network vulnerability remediation guidance.

Reduce your exposure to Network attacks.

Mitigate network and business risk.

Network security | Vulnerability assessment | Penetration Testing

This service is aimed at organizations who want to outsource their Network Management and Maintenance activities to Service Driven Organizations so that they can perform their day to day activities. Kalyx is the ideal partner for them who can be entrusted with entire IT management outsourcing. We take away the strain of running your own support services and free you to focus on your core business without compromising of quality of service & SLA.

KNPL Onsite & Offsite Service (KNPL-ONS-OFS)

KNPL-ONS-OFS is a service-enriched offering from Kalyx which offers onsite & offsite diagnostics technical assistance by certified professionals for the contracted period which range typically between 1 to 3 years. We also offer an SLA based option with committed service deliverables like Response Time, Resolution Time, Uptime Guarantee, and Standby Equipment in case of hardware failure. The same is customized based on business-critical needs ranging from 8x5xNBD to 24x7 to ensure the Maximum ROI & Uptime guarantee.