Cloud Managed solutions & services

Success in business requires the ability to access the right business resources at the right time. Managed IT Services make up a critical part of these essential resources for most of today’s companies that increasingly depend on their data networks to function. As networking demands have steadily increased, Cloud Services have become highly efficient and preferred option for many businesses. To get the most from business IT, companies should adopt cloud solutions for following advantages:

  • Total Control from One Location

  • Easy Deployment, Management, and Maintenance

  • Easily Expanded or Reduced

  • Automatic Software Updates

  • Reduced Overall Expenses

When thinking about the best way to get the highest quality and most functional Managed IT Services in the most cost-effective manner, companies should consider the above-listed ways that Cloud Services can help. Between the lower investment, immediate ability to scale services up or down, and convenient access to needed services, moving to the cloud could be the best move a company makes to ensure continued success!


Meraki is Cisco’s network-as-a-service solution, comprising hardware, software and cloud services. The Cisco Meraki product set has been designed from the ground up to provide an intuitive interface to a Cloud managed network.

A scalable solution for LAN, wireless LAN and secure connectivity within and/or between site(s), Meraki’s standard architecture supports integrated end-to-end network visibility. This detail combined with fine control of applications, users and client devices simplifies mobile device management, application control and security.

The features of Meraki can be used, for example, to implement bring your own device (BYOD) policies in the workplace. Meraki enables the network administrator to view a detailed breakdown of web usage per client, whether the clients are using iOS, Android, Mac or Windows devices.


The dashboard is centrally and securely managed via the web. It provides an integrated view and enables configuration and real-time reporting of the network. Network deployment and operations are therefore simplified for busy IT staff.


The intuitive Meraki dashboard provides simple built-in visibility and control of the network, when compared with the cost and complexity associated with a traditional network infrastructure – both during setup and on an ongoing basis.


The hardware, software and single management license with 24/7 enterprise technical support also includes over-the-web upgrades. This cost-effective operational expenditure simplifies the network budget.


The following section provides an overview of the integration of features available via a Meraki Cloud managed network.

Wireless Features

Enterprise-class features, including RF optimisation, PoE, audio and video support.

  • BYOD policies
  • Application traffic shaping
  • Guest access
  • Enterprise security
  • WIDS and WIPS
  • Location analytics

Switch Features

Enterprise-class performance and reliability, including non-blocking gigabit performance and 10-gigabit Ethernet uplinks.

  • Voice and video QoS
  • Layer 7 application visibility
  • Virtual stacking
  • PoE / PoE+ on all ports
  • Remote packet capture and cable testing

Security Appliance Features

Scalable appliance range, from small office to data centre.

  • Zero-touch site-to-site VPN
  • WAN optimisation
  • Next-generation firewall
  • Content filtering
  • WAN link bonding
  • Intrusion detection

Mobile Device Management (MDM) features

No on-site appliances or software; works with any vendor’s network, and controls iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices.

  • Centralised application deployment
  • Device security
  • Rapid provisioning
  • Backpack™ file sharing
  • Asset management