Create, Innovate and Adapt Faster with Unified Communication Solutions

Get market-leading unified communications delivered on premises and in the cloud.

Many companies consider employees as their most important business investment and this makes effective employee interactions very critical for their business. By harnessing collaborative power at every level, companies can make these interactions more time & cost efficient. This can be facilitated through unified communication technology that offers:

  • Instant Connections: IP phones, unified clients, softphones, and mobile unified communication give employees access to services everywhere there is a network connection.

  • More Effective Communications: Tools such as IM, presence, mobility, preference, and unified messaging help users choose how, when, and where they can be reached.

  • Visibility into Availability: Being able to see which colleague is available means employees can reach the right resource at any given point of time.

    Collaborate On-Demand

  • Instant Collaboration: Using any system, any browser, or any device, users can initiate audio, web, and video conferencing through Outlook calendars.

  • Virtual Meetings: Immersive TelePresence meetings make it possible to meet "face-to-face" without traversing any physical distance.

  • A Personal Touch: Desktop video connects employees, partners, and customers, anytime and anywhere with each other.

Transform Business Processes

By integrating unified communications directly into business processes, companies can drastically enhance their productivity and ensure significant bottom line benefits for themselves. Unified Communications combine all forms of business communications into a single, unified solution that enables your organization to move with greater speed and agility. It empowers people to communicate more effectively, improves business processes, and helps businesses achieve better profitability.

    Benefits of Unified Communication Solutions:

  • Organizations using unified-communications clients saved an average 32 minutes per day, per employee.

  • Reducing billing on cell phone and long-distance charges.

  • Integrated voice and Web conferencing reported a 30 per cent reduction in conference expenses.

  • Employees saved 43 minutes per day because of more efficient message management

  • Mobile workers saved 55 minutes per day by using unified messaging

    Unified Communications solutions provide the following capabilities:

  • Conferencing - Meeting Centre, Unified Meeting Place & Unified Video Conferencing.

  • Customer care – Unified Contact Centre Solutions.

  • IP Communications - IP Telephony Solution that includes Call Manager or IP PBX & IP Phones.

  • Messaging – Voice Mail & Instant Messaging features.

  • Mobile Applications-. Enables mobile employees to connect, communicate, and collaborate with their mobile smartphones to their IP Phones at their

  • desk or SoftPhone or join a conferencing session.

Unified Communications solutions connect people with the information and expertise they need, whether they're inside or outside the corporate firewalls. They make it possible to enhance productivity, accelerate innovation, build competitive advantage, and quickly adapt to market changes.