As the business environments are becoming more & more complex, there is spike in challenges for networks to offer more and better services than before. Applications and the network infrastructure of switches and routers that transport them are crucial tools for enhancing user productivity and increasing an organization's ability to grow and remain competitive. Small as well as large organizations, educational institutions and government companies should optimize network switching to derive the highest value from their existing infrastructure and take complete

advantage of technological innovations such as wireless LANs and IP telephony.

Instead of investing on point switching products, organizations can make use of system-based approach of data switch and wireless switch equipment in order to to build integrated, secure, resilient networks that incorporate intelligence. This would help them in effortlessly deploying new applications and communication systems that combine voice, video, and storage capabilities.

"Innovative LAN switching can be used to protect your investment and prepare for the future as your business grows."

Local network (LAN) switches form the core for all the networks which provide high-speed connectivity and communication systems. Apart from efficiently and securely transmitting data, networks should also support new services, be in sync with evolving traffic patterns and ensure optimization of performance of applications.

From core to edge, a good Network Switch provides performance, high availability, comprehensive security, delivery optimization, and enhanced manageability which helps an organization in optimizing their network infrastructure.

Our solutions primarily comprise of two types of Switches, namely

Modular Switches

Modular network switches provide simplified operations, media flexibility, and expandability to extend deployment life and minimize ownership costs. These switches provide integrated security, high availability, strong support for converged applications and excellent long-term investment protection.